COVID-19 Response

Cooke & Bieler activated its Pandemic Response Plan in March, moving to remote operations in accordance with instructions from local authorities. In June, we began a phased reopening, allowing staff members who wished to work from our offices to return on a limited, voluntary basis, with multiple safety measures implemented such as staggered schedules, temperature checks, and required PPE. More recently, the City of Philadelphia implemented a new “Safer at Home” initiative which required people to work from home if possible, resulting in all Cooke & Bieler employees returning to remote work until at least January 2021. We will continue to follow city and state guidelines to keep everyone as safe as possible, and we are confident these changes will not lead to any operational interruptions.

Throughout this difficult and ever changing period, Cooke & Bieler has benefited from its investments in technology and disaster preparedness. More importantly, we have benefited from the tremendous dedication and flexibility of our employees who have overcome every obstacle to ensure seamless service to our clients. While we look forward to the day when we can all return to normal, we believe we can continue to operate remotely for as long as needed.