Client Privacy Policy

Cooke & Bieler has always vigilantly guarded the client’s privacy and unauthorized access to the personal information to which the client has entrusted us. Cooke & Bieler will continue to maintain our policy of protecting the client’s privacy and personal information as we have always done. Above all, this means the firm will not sell any personal information to any third parties without the client’s consent. Further, Cooke & Bieler will not share or disclose any personal information about the client or the client’s account with third parties unless: Cooke & Bieler receives the client’s prior written consent; we believe the recipient is the client’s authorized representative; we believe we are required or permitted by law to disclose information to the recipient; the client has directed us to disclose the information to the recipient; or we believe the disclosure is necessary in order to provide the client with Cooke & Bieler’s services.

Cooke & Bieler collects and maintains the client’s personal information from the client, the client’s legal representative, or the custodian bank, at the time of account establishment and periodically, as changes occur, so we can provide investment management services to the client. The information we collect and maintain about the client may include:

   -   Name, address and phone number
   -   Social security or tax identification number
   -   Assets
   -   Income
   -   Investment activity

This personal data, as well as any ancillary information that may come into Cooke & Bieler’s possession during the course of normal business (such as brokers who execute trades on your behalf), will only be used by Cooke & Bieler for purposes of opening and maintaining account information, facilitating smooth flow of executing orders, and maintaining the client’s investment portfolio.

To maintain our privacy commitment at Cooke & Bieler, we have instituted firm-wide practices to safeguard the information that we maintain about the client. These practices include adopting policies and procedures to place physical, electronic and other safeguards to keep your personal information safe.

As Cooke & Bieler strives to maintain our obligations to federal laws and any applicable state laws and to continue to protect client privacy, Cooke & Bieler will deliver our current policy to clients on an annual basis. Should the relationship become inactive in the future, we will continue to protect a client’s personal information in the same manner as when the client relationship was active.